Special Transactions

By this we mean custom transactions tailored to serve a multitude of motives:

MBO (Management Buy Out): A management buyout (MBO) is a form of acquisition in which a company's existing managers acquire a large part, or all, of the company. Capitalize guides the transaction from valuation, through transaction structuring to legal and tax settlement (in cooperation with legal and tax advisors of the management).

MBI (Management Buy In): A management buy-in (MBI) occurs when a manager or a management team from outside the company raises the necessary finance, buys it, and becomes the company's new management.

OBO (Owner Buy Out): is a common transaction in recent years composed of a buy out of the entire company via a newly formed holding company using a total or partial contribution from the founders (from proceeds of the sale), leverage with little or no dilutive effect (bank debt, mezzanine financing, etc.), and additional equity provided by a new financial investor(s).

There are countless advantages: the entrepreneur has a substantial net sum left over from the transaction and - if desired - can simply continue to manage the company on a daily basis ... to enjoy the newly created added value again in a subsequent transaction.

One of the above transactions (or a combination thereof) is often used by Capitalize for family succession issues.

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